1st Stakeholder workshop in Albania

04 October 2019
1st Stakeholder workshop and meeting in Albania

The Ancient Olive Orchards in  Albania  will be another attraction that will promote the development of agrotourism. It is the aim of the IPA project between Italy, Albania and Macedonia that aims to get the best experience in order to develop a different kind of tourism in the country, which will improve local economies. The first destinations in Albania were Ndroqi, Preza and Marikaj. For olive growers, processors, tour operators and local economies, this is a very positive initiative to promote olive oil, however infrastructure intervention is required. According to olive oil producers, if tourists or locals get to know more about thousands of years old olives, this will give added importance to the product they consume. This year, the Agency for Agricultural and Rural Development also focused on financial support for the improvement of degraded olive groves.