Stakeholder of Ndroq
Ndroq, Albania
09 March 2020
Stakeholder meeting in Ndroq for LEETDP and Community Map

On behalf of #Crossborderol

Agricultural University of Tirana


Urban Research Institute

has organised on 9 March before Covid-19 situation in Ndoqi pilot project area of #AncientOliveOrchards different meetings to produce local planning on environment protection and sustainable tourism is composed by a community map describing the local environmental, cultural resources and community maps (LECRCM) and the local environmental economic tourist development plans (LEETDP). They will help to summarize all the measures and will designed thematic itinerary covering environmental assets, cultural heritage-sites and culinary traditions, offering a variety of eno-gastronomic and local craft products.

The Smart and Sustainable Tourist Action Plan aims at integrating at cross-border level local thematic itineraries realized by previous output and activity through the environmental, cultural resources and community maps (LECRCM). The Plan represents a new joint promotion model of networked heritage. The

application of the integrated Plan for both natural and cultural heritage affects an added value for involved communities and territories at economic level.

This meeting will continue during this week in the other study areas such as Marikaj and Preza for the Albanian part.

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