Stakeholder of Preza
Preze, Albania
18 June 2020
Stakeholder meeting in Preza for LEETDP and Community Map

Today, on the International day of #gastronomy, the idea of valorizing the #ancientoliveorchards, (which bring a special taste to the cooking tradition since in the Ilyrians period), takes on another value.

Today's discussion with local stakeholder was organized by



Urban Research Institute

in Preza, where fanatics point out the protection of the monumental trees of the #ancientoliveorchards.

Creating plans that promote tourist attractions, cultural heritage, environmental resources, culinary thirst which bring income to the local economy is the main goal of the project #crossborderol.


Ente Parco Regionale dell'Olivo di Venafro

model which is the best model to be applied in Albania and Montenegro by creating a trilateral ring tour between 3 countries materialized in maps and products which serve local actors, decision makers at local and national levels.

It is worth mentioning the fact that in Albania the#ancientoliveorchards, must be valorized by protecting them in a legal way so that they can then become an important economic factor for farmers and not only.

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